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The perfect solution for <300m duplex open communication for up to 4 people

Target use: On board Yacht communication (Skipper and crew) / Coach-trainee communication / Solo Phone communication+ music system

Technology: Bluetooth High Res duplex communication with noise cancelling

Benefits: Light and small multi-user communication system with phone bluetooth communication at reasonnable price

How to use?: Press on the side button:
you can use it one to one, as open duplex talk communication within maxi 800 meters open field.
You can answer a phone call (your phone being in a waterproof case sync by bluetooth)
You can listen to music via your phone
With a master unit, you can link up to 6 BBT systems to set up a network within a perimiter of 70 meters , but in this case, you cannot be sync to your phone.

Typical Application:
Over 30′ yacht communication for crew (mast climbing, anchoring, Skipper to n°1 in Regatta …)
Kite surfing coach to trainee for Kite launching and starting phase close to shore
Kite/windsurf/sailing boat teams willing to be in contact to receive instruction or exchange information
Kite/windsurf enthusiast willing to stay in contact with shore/familly/friends via waterproof mobile phone

Price: Helmet+ Communication system <300€ TTC per unit
Accessories: Wipper BBT helmet / Pro Wip BBT Helmet / BBT Hat / BBT coach Headset (none waterproof)


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  • 0% plane. We promise not to use airfreight to send these bulky products.

  • 100% maritime transport. A ton of goods transported by water emits an average of 4 times less co2 than road, about 40 times less than flying. Ships co2/other emission are emitted far from people, in the middle of the sea where it tends to cause less damage. Of course, we are also working at producing our products co
  • Cardboard box. Wip helmets come in a box made from recycled materials.

  • Protective bag. The plastic bag is the easiest way to protect products, but it is also a very
  • Epp foam (only on wipper 2.0 and wiflex) : it is a multi shock foam, meaning you don’t have to change your helmet after the first impact.
    Expandable polypropylene is 100% recyclable. It can be added to the production process of new packaging or insulation elements.

  • Recycled material. All our plastic parts (divider, fit systems) are made with 10 to 15% recycled material.µ

  • Durability. Our products are designed to be long lasting, we provide spare padding to change in your helmets when they are very dirty or worn, so you can enjoy your protection as long as possible. This is essential in order to reduce the overall environmental impact of the product!

  • All our neopren suits are now using Water based glue and the dying of the fabrics is made with new technology saving up to 25% of water, reducing waist and carbon footprint.
  • It is very important to think from the start how a product will finish at it’s end of life.


  • Recycling. We explain what are the actions to take to facilitate the recycling
    process in an efficient way. This is clearly indicated on our eco friendly packaging.
  • Production Recycle
  • Get a new product. If you have been motivated to read this presentation
    until here, it means you are very
    Motivated to make our world more eco responsable!
    To support your action, we are committing to provide you with a new helmet at 40% discount (only for prowip 2.0 and x-over that are made from eps) that has been shocked or damaged, so is not usable anymore due to a big impact.

    What you need to do is :
    send us an mail to contact@forward-wip.Com
    Explaining how you crashed and hit the helmet. This helps us record
    dangerous situations and improve the safety of our helmets.
    Attach some pictures of your damaged helmet (impact points).
    Attach some pictures of your cut up helmet to recycle in a proper way.
    Give us the shipping address for your new helmet.